Acting is a profession most people love to be a part of. Those interested start off from their younger days participating in various dramas, concerts and taking every opportunity that comes their way. People have been acting for the past many years. The ways of acting, dressing, expectations have all changed throughout the years. It is now highly competitive with people having easy access to everyone and different platforms made available to showcase their abilities.

Appearance supporting Identity

One of the very important expectation for actors is now the appearance of themselves, whether it is a male artist or a female artist. The way they look physically, whether it is their height, shape or their face structure everything matters from inch to inch. The style and colour selection of applying makeup, styling themselves, the ways they dress up and how they carry themselves, all these things together give them their identity and place in the industry. To become a famous star this is necessary both on screen and off screen because fans look up to them at all times.There is always a risk for them to try out different styles due to the reactions and responses they may get from their fans. Sometime it is better for them to try out artificially made items that can be used for the moment and disposed so that in case it does not work out then they can change the whole style. For example artists can use high quality items such as Jon Renau wigs to try out new looks if they are sceptical that any particular style may not suit them.

Time and Relaxation

Make up of course can be easily washed off if it is not suiting the face but a haircut cannot be changed once it is chopped off until it grows back lengthy again. That is complete time consuming process waiting for it to grow and also difficult to handle when you know that something does not suit you, resulting in extreme stress every time there is a social gathering.

Highlights and streaks

Another problem is with highlights and streaks. Artists find it very difficult to decide if a particular colour is going to suit them or no. If it is in the movie then it is acceptable based on the director, but real life requires extreme attention. Above all it is even unhealthy for the scalp, or even the skin to use different products of different chemicals each time on oneself. Sometimes these chemicals can cause damage to the hair and even make it dry or breakable. There are many new ways developed to solve these for example one of them is the use of synthetic material.

Importance of Self Care

Though acting is a very difficult profession and requires a lot of hard work and dedication there are many aspects of life artists have to sacrifice. As a result it is important for them to take extra care of their health and themselves so that they stay healthy and can get themselves to look beautiful as well. This is significant because using artificial products and chemicals can actually damage the real beauty of a person with the extensive use of them with time.

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