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Customer service in required in every industry and it is very challenging when you are trying to gain competitive advantages over your competitors. The service provided goes a long way than the actual physical product. Those customers of the service industry are very demanding and have many things to say about a product. The individual who provide customer service is the first contact before they actually purchase the product or experience the service. In the industry of stylist, colourists and hairdressers Manly, due to the demands and the requirement, there are certain standards that must be met when providing customer service. However, to ensure that the customer getsa good experience then here are a few tips that will help you to provide excellent service to your customers.

The experience

As soon as your client walks into the salon, you need to great them and ensure that you provide the right amount of attention. The environment and the appearance of the salon must be very relaxing and bright. Most clients walk in after work or during the weekend after they have been very stressed out and need to distress themselves. Have some soothing music playing in the background as well. All the equipment and items must be clean and always be hygienic. Always wash the brushes, clear the messy hair on the floor and tables. Use clean white and scented sheets for facials and massages, which should be in an enclosed space.

Management of time

Yes you will have days whenyou are overbooked. Be kind and rebook their appointment on the next available that you and your client are both free. Offer them a free service for being understanding. You need to always let the client know how long the treatment will take so that you can manage your bookings and they can too. Give your client the attention they need and you need to develop a lot of patience. This will ensure that your relationship with the customer grows. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from the client about their previous experiences at your salon.

The staff

Ensure that the employees are given proper training and are allowed to attend trainings and workshops outside the premises where they can gain professional qualifications. Your staff should be passionate about what they do in order to become professional. Each employee should be aware of the upcoming and current styles. Another thing to teach your client is to ask them not to speak about their personal problems but if the client does to only listen and not to give his or her opinion. Another skill that will help to provide the best customer service is to pay attention to detail. Maybe you can even give them tester products free to win the hearts of your customers.

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